Basic Link Building Tips That Will Work

All websites need good traffic if they're going to succeed. While there are other ways to go about getting traffic to your website, SEO is still the most popular way. But what's the backbone of any successful SEO campaign ? You need to focus on getting backlinks to your site that come from authority sites. Keep reading for a few link building methods you may not know about.

Social media has taken center stage on the internet as of late. There are millions of people who use social media sites every day. With social media sites, you are able to create a profile, which allows you to express yourself. The profile is a good way to discuss points about yourself and you may also include your link. The social networking sites' profiles are excellent ways to get more links that point back to your site. Don't just concentrate on social networking sites, as other sites allow you to become members and make profiles, too. Sites like these are liked by the search engines, so each backlink you get will be worth a lot. Doing this isn't hard, you only need to register for these sites and then start on your profile. If you can get a bunch of profiles, you'll see that getting lots of links is easy. Another great idea for getting a lot of backlinks is to create a blog using or, or even LiveJournal, where you can create a blog absolutely free. You may be wondering why you would want to do this. More importantly, how can it get you good backlinks? You could use those free blogging services to spread your link around. A good idea is to write the blog's content and then use that opportunity to link back to your website utilizing anchor text and the keyword of your choice. Not only that, but the search engines seem to favor these sites and so you'll gain favor with them. Try to avoid being overzealous with the blogs, but just provide information people will find useful and you'll see those backlinks piling up. Once you have a network of such free blogs up and running, that's when you'll truly be taking advantage of them.

We all know commenting on blogs allows you to build backlinks, but did you know that there's another way to use blogs for your link building goals? I'm talking about writing guest posts on other blogs in your niche. There are quite a few blogs out there that allow outside posters, and you can find them if you just utilize Google. Any marketing expert will tell you that this is where you want to go if you want lots of links pointing back to your site and you want the exposure as well. In conclusion, these tips can get you far with link building, but this is only the beginning. As you get better, those new methods will reveal themselves.


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