Stars With Social Media Platforms

Stars having seemingly become an integral part of the social media world. This makes sense for a lot of celebrities, because a social media agency increases their reach and allows them to stay on the mind of their fans . Recently this Twitter PR connection has been put to use to benefit fundraisers and for the completion of other good deeds. In other cases though, the usage of social media has not helped the celebrities as much.

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Athletes seem to have a particular talent for abusing social media. There are a large number of players who have upset the management of their sports teams from things that they tweeted. Just a few days ago a Major League Baseball player was sent down to the minors for things that he tweeted. In the past Chad Ochocinco, now of the New England Patriots, has gotten in trouble several times for things he tweeted. His one-time fellow instigator Terrell Owens has run into his own problems.

Some celebrities and politicians have made their own mistakes . There was a lot of public backlash over some of the tweets that stars made over the Japanese earthquake tragedy, particularly of 50 Cent's comments. Even with the negative Twitter PR, 50 Cent stood strong and refused to censor his tweets or to apologize for them. Later tweeting "Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or love it.I'm cool either way." Kenneth Cole ran into his own problems after tweeting that the rebellion in Egypt was probably due to their knowledge of his new collection.

After minor setbacks and ensuing negative Twitter PR, both of those celebs seems to have been able to rebuild their image. On the other hand, the politician Anthony Weiner seems to have permanently destroyed his career after accidentally tweeting a picture of himself in his underwear. Compounding his problems , rather than immediately confessing or denying that it was he who posted the images, he created a media circus by speculating whether the image was of him. Later on there of course proved to be a trail of evidence linking him with a number of different girls.

The moral of the story is not to underestimate the power of social media; people are going to see what you write. So you better think twice about how you're comments are going to be perceived. Your own personal social media accounts may be the only place you can make comments without having them taken out of context or repeated with a bias. If you wont take steps to maintain your reputation, no one else will.

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